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About me


Hiya there! I'm Karina, a visual artist from Chile transplanted in California, USA and this is my shop.

I've been crocheting since I was a little girl, with the guidance of my talented mom in every step. I grew up to study and work in the field of fine arts, education and communication, leaving my "hobby" behind. As soon as I decided to become an entrepreneur in 2014 instead of an employee, crochet came up as the option that would fulfill my needs of creative, intellectual and social development.

My process

My inspiration comes mostly from pop culture and functionality. I have the heart of a child and I like simple yet cute and humorous things. As a result, my creations are candid, funny and practical altogether.

My process is simple yet focused on the detail. I start looking at images and thinking about how to embellish them by mixing forms that not necessarily go together. I like to put some humor on some of these creations! That's why you'll find an octopus cat creature next to cute bunny.

Then it begins the process of designing and making. The results are most of the times different than I planned, because I usually get more elaborated ideas while I'm crocheting and giving form to my original concept.

Crocheting is for sure the best part of the process. And yes, showing my work to people and making them happy with it makes me happy too.

My shop

Geekirumi! is the work of one person, that's why I believe it has to be a store that manages business in a humane scale. For me it's very important to keep polite and caring communication with my customers, assuring that I will help in every way if an issue comes up as well as to fulfill expectations.

My creations

All products are made to order and there is no machinery involved in any part of the process of creation. Please, expect and embrace little signs of human imperfection in your Geekirumi! product.

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